This project is a partnership between Charles Sturt University, Australia, the Government of Bhutan, World Wildlife Fund, Red Panda Network and Australian Landcare International. It is funded by the UK Darwin Initiative Fund from 2016 to 2019.

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New red panda research in Samtse, Haa and Dagana

Thanks to generous funding and support from WWF Bhutan and the Red Panda Network, further research into red panda is to be conducted in Samtse, Haa and Dagana districts. This research will fill knowledge gaps about red panda distribution and threats in southwest Bhutan and the borders with Sikkim/West Bengal. The Nature Conservation Division of … Continue reading New red panda research in Samtse, Haa and Dagana

Checkdam construction

During the Darwin project, Brokpa herders laboured for weeks to build these checkdams in Drana Gully. They worked in snow, hail, rain, and mud. An amazing 77 of these checkdams were installed over 2 years. Go Brokpas!

Silage making Merak style

Here is a video taken by Dawa from Merak of the first silage making demonstration carried out in 2018. It has to be done by hand as the land is too steep for machinery and access is difficult. The bags of silage were used to feed cows over the winter.  

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