This project is a partnership between Charles Sturt University, Australia, the Government of Bhutan, World Wildlife Fund, Red Panda Network and Australian Landcare International. It is funded by the UK Darwin Initiative Fund from 2016 to 2019.

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New paper calls for Red Panda Transboundary Conservation

A newly published journal paper has called for action on Transboundary Conservation for Red Panda in line with our recently developed Red Panda Action Plan for Bhutan (see previous blog story). The paper modelled low, medium and high habitat suitability for red pandas across the eastern himalayas region. The model predicted 134,975 km2 of red … Continue reading New paper calls for Red Panda Transboundary Conservation

Wool processing centre under construction

Dr Karma Tenzing from the Darwin project facilitated a successful Helvetas grant application on behalf of the women’s group at Merak to establish a wool processing centre. A mechanised carding and spinning machine will be installed to enable greater quantities of wool to be processed for traditional textiles and clothing. This will significantly reduce women’s … Continue reading Wool processing centre under construction

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