Drana gully fenced and planted

It has been a case of many hands getting the job done over the last 10 days, with none of it easy!  The Brokpa herders of Merak and Park Forestry staff pooled their resources to complete the mammoth task of fencing out and planting the enormous gully at Drana. You only have to look at the distant specks of women planting in the base of the gully to get an idea of the scale of what the project is dealing with. With the monsoon season starting, we pray that Aum Jomo (Merak’s protective deity in the mountains above the project site) will stop the plantings from washing away.  Congratulations to everyone involved!

Photos taken by Kesang Dorjee, Species Conservation Officer, Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary.

20170519_112803.jpg  20170519_112340.jpg

20170519_103638.jpg 20170519_141210.jpg20170519_152837.jpg 20170519_112744.jpg


2 thoughts on “Drana gully fenced and planted

  1. Kuososangpo, I am really impressed about this hard work. . As I have seen the side last year I feel deeply connected to this place I hope to see it again soon. Hope handicraft project also succeeds and you can produce nice red pandas with wool or wood. Love and greetings Your Ute


    1. Hi Ute, We have just applied to Helvetas to establish wool processing equipment at Merak to help herders prepare wool faster for clothes and handicrafts. Only 24 tourists visited in 2016 and not much change in 2017 so not sure they have made many toy sales. However the airport at Yongphula is now open so tourist trade might pick up. cheers Jo


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