National and transboundary red panda conservation workshop, 1-3 May, Bhutan

In a few weeks time, invited red panda researchers and managers from Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh will gather in Trashigang, eastern Bhutan to develop a national and transboundary action plan for red panda conservation. The workshop is being hosted by Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary (Bhutan Department of Forests and Parks) and supported by World Wildlife Fund Bhutan and Charles Sturt University Australia.

The first day will explore research findings on red panda ecology and threats in Bhutan, Nepal and India. Research gaps and needs will be identified. On the second day, participants will share experiences with red panda management and education strategies across the three countries.  The final day will be devoted to developing a national action plan for red panda conservation in Bhutan and a transboundary conservation plan for Bhutan and India.

The aim is to encourage better coordination of red panda conservation within Bhutan and with neighbouring districts to ensure safe movement of animals and support sustainable populations. Keep watching this site for workshop outcomes!






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